"BECKMAN COULTER" is a global company with MET ONE brand particle counters. MET ONE has been sold over 60 countries worldwide.
It is also a pioneer in hand-held particle counters, which are now popular.
The advantage of MET ONE products is that there are a wide range of products that are designed for specific applications. We can respond to a variety of circumstances, thereby providing optimal air monitoring solutions.
We have been engaged in sales, technical support, maintenance, and software development as a distributor in Japan for than 30 years since 1985. Our solutions have been adopted in clean rooms in various industries, including pharmaceutical industry.
Our support covers from introduction to operation including validation support.


VWR was founded in 1852 and is a long-established supplier of scientific instruments headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA.
VWR has a broad procurement network and product lineup, and we accept requests for custom-made products in order to provide not only product sales but also the services required by our customers. We are also focusing on expanding our own brand products.


TSI was founded in 1961 and is evolving as a worldwide manufacturer of fluids and particle-related products. TSI Group has a global network with sales, service, and support locations in the UK, Singapore, China, and Germany.
TSI`s products are used in various locations, including mountain summits, research laboratories, the Arctic, submarines, and space shuttles and Mars around the world.


Transtech has been marketing and maintaining products related to clean rooms such as pharmaceuticals and semiconductors for more than 30 years.
We also develop management systems for multi-point environmental monitoring and filter integrity testing for sterile filtration complying with the regulatory requirements, such as data integrity.
We represent variety of leading manufacturers, and can help you improve your day-to-day operations.